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Image Hover II
Saturday, June 18, 2011 | Written by : Jaja | 12 comments

Annyeong, chingu :)

Ehh, header tutorial Jaja daa baru. Lawa tk? Haha. Actually nehh tuto Image Hover II. Sebab Jaja daa buad tuto image hover. Image hover yang lame tuh dgn yang Jaja buad skrg nehh lain. Yg Jaja buad tuto nehh mcm dkt blog tutorial Jaja nehh. Okayy, tuto nehh direquest oleh ikha . Jom kte buad samesame :D

1. Dashboard -> Design -> Edit HTML -> Tick Expand Widget Templates.
2. Korang tekan CTRL+F then carik code bawah neyy :

/* Header

3. Pastu korang copy code bawah nehh then paste atas code /* Header

/*------ IMAGE ANIMATION------*/
img, a img { border: 0px;  opacity: .75; filter: alpha(opacity=100); -o-transition: opacity 1.5s linear; -webkit-transition: opacity 1.5s linear; -moz-transition: opacity 1.5s linear; }
img:hover, a:hover img {opacity: 100; filter: alpha(opacity=100); -o-transition: opacity 1s linear; -webkit-transition: opacity .8s linear; -moz-transition: opacity 1.5s linear; }

4. Save !

Senang jek kan? :]

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