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"SHINee is back"
Hello! Welcome to my blog. I don't know what to wrote here, so I wrote this bunch of crap. My nickname is JJ. Stands for Jaja. I'm a 2012 PMR victim. Pray me for 8As. Amin.


Shoumix Box
Wednesday, June 1, 2011 | Written by : Jaja | 9 comments

Annyeong, chingu :)

Okayy, Jaja dpt tuto request dari sis Biyha. Act Jaja agak bangge bile dpt tuto request dari sis. Kenapee? Ntahh, sebab Jaja minat blog sis. Bile dpt tuto request dari sis mcm hepi semacam jekk, hoho XD . Btw, ape tuhh shoutmix box? Shoutmix box tuhh yg Jaja tulis, "Leave your love here" tuhh. Okayy, jom buad tuto nehh :)

1. Design --> Page Elements --> Add A Gadget --> HTML/Java Script
2. Copy code bawah nehh :

<div style="border:1px solid #000000;"><div style="background: url(URL BACKGROUND) repeat; padding: 5px;">TEKS ANDA</div>CODE SHOUTMIX </div>

3. Paste code tadi dkt HTML/Java Script tuhh.
4. Save !

Pss, yg Jaja warnekan merah tuhh, korang tukarlahh dgn yg korang nak, okayy? Kalau tknk background dy gambar, korang tukarlahh dgn background color, yee? Kalau tk faham tnye :)

Hee, aku bangge sis biyha tnye aku tuto XD

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